At Apparatus, we are experts in getting people to care about issues of public concern and to act individually and collectively to make a difference.

As a General Benefit Corporation, we have a mission-level commitment to advancing a cleaner environment, a fairer economy, and a more just society. We offer our services exclusively to clients and projects that seek to serve the common good.

We are not hired guns but, rather, partners and advocates who are invested in our clients’ goals. In working to deliver project-specific outcomes, we also work to build political and public support for our clients’ broader mission and priorities whenever possible.

We place a strong emphasis on bringing deep subject matter expertise to our lobbying, communications, and advocacy efforts because we believe that the most effective and durable persuasion is based on the honest brokering of trustworthy information.


We have uniquely specialized legal and public policy knowledge and experience necessary to deal with the novel and complex social, political, and policy challenges faced by emergent sectors.

We emphasize strong

creative design, branding, and messaging as  indispensable strategic assets. And, we do all our web and graphic design in-house.


         We excel at innovating new compelling ways to inform, engage, and influence audiences. From microsites to podcasts to rallies with 30 protesters dressed like Marie Antoinette (feel free to ask), we find ways to cut through the noise.