Five for Friday: Eclectic Emerging Technology News Highlights

We're starting a new segment on the blog where we'll bring you five interesting stories on Fridays that fall in the realm of emerging technology to fuel your weekend's conversations.

1. From CNET - There's a new startup on the block and it's helping build the backbone of self-driving cars. Civil Maps has just rolled out even more functionality to its self-driving car mapping software and now is 'overlaying street signs and other traffic infrastructure with identifying tags generated by its deep learning technology'. With an investment from Ford, this is definitely a taste of the next-level technology going into self-driving cars.

2. From Science Daily - A new study that's particularly interesting to me as the parent of an asthmatic child says that telemedicine is just as effective as an in-person visit for children struggling with asthma.

3. From TIME - Self-driving cars could be an environmental savior (Ride sharing! More efficient routes! Electric engines!) -- but is it a guarantee? As always, it comes down to the humans in charge of the technology, infrastructure, and policies that will accompany this rapidly growing industry.

Future of Farming

4. From Forbes - You may have missed it, but 2500 experts got together last week in Sweden for the 25th annual World Water Week meeting. This year's meeting focused on how farmers can more efficiently use water to grow their crops. With drought and scarcity increasing worldwide, the conversation couldn't come at a better--or more dire--time.

5. From Scientific American - The first sentence of this article stopped me in my tracks: 'The world of giraffe conservation just got turned upside down.' How thrilling! As it turns out, all giraffes are not the exact same and there are in fact four species. It just goes to remind all of us that science is always evolving our understanding of the world around us.

That's it for the inaugural edition of Five for Friday. See you next week!


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