Five for Friday: Transforming Cities

In this week's edition of Five for Friday, let's look at our crystal ball and see where forward-thinking cities are headed.

We've mentioned already that Columbus, OH was the big winner of the US DOT's Smart City Challenge which landed it a $40M grant (+$10M from Vulcan and another $90M in local matches) to look at ways to bring transportation transformation to the city, but that's just one city. As Al Roker says every morning, let's see what's going on in your neck of the woods.

  1. From the Denver Post: Three cities in Colorado were selected by Google's Sidewalk Labs to be part of a 15-city project to tackle improving urban centers through mobility upgrades such as self-driving cars and better data management.

  2. From the Atlanta Business Chronicle: The Smart Cities project is expanding and Atlanta is going to be a part of it. Work will include looking for solutions to common challenges such as transportation and building efficiency (this last bit is no small feat: according to MIT, 20% of the United States' energy consumption comes from commercial buildings).

  3. From Midwest Energy News: Several cities in the Midwest were lauded for making it easier to implement and benefit from solar power, specifically when it comes to the soft costs around implementation. (To continue singing the praises of my home state, a report from Electrek yesterday said that Minneapolis-based Target is now the top corporate installer of solar--147MW installed across 300 store location.)

  4. From WLRN: Despite Marco Rubio refusing to discuss climate change (editor's note: UGH.), there are calls for a reality check in South Florida. While there are some efforts underway (notably with the Army Corps of Engineers) to look at modeling what Floridians can expect going forward, there's a sense of urgency in tackling long-term, holistic efforts to face the effects of rising sea levels.

  5. From WBUR: An autonomous vehicle working group was just announced in Massachusetts to look at testing, implementing, and promoting self-driving cars. I just want to know who all the Boston drivers will yell at if they aren't driving their own cars?

Pretty exciting to see nationwide efforts to improve cities' efficiency, technology, and overall livability.

PS - We have some exciting developments underway at Apparatus that aim to raise our own hometown up. Much more to come!

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