Five for Friday: Holiday Cheer

Here we are -- the most wonderful time of the year! Whether you're feeling the holiday spirit or not, here's a holiday-themed post to get you ready for merriment!


1. From Bloomberg -- A new trend is emerging where clothing purchasers (i.e. all of us) are moving away from the cheap/on-trend/disposable clothing brands in favor of higher quality, longer lasting items. According to a Euromonitor International survey, 14 percent of U.S. consumers looked for apparel and accessories made from natural materials in 2016, up from 12.9 percent last year. Something to keep in mind if buying clothes for Millennials is on your gift list.

2. From USA Today -- The Christmas tree is up in Rockafeller Center and is decorated with 'more than 50,000 multi-colored, energy-efficient LED lights strung on five miles of wire and powered by solar panels located atop the buildings at Rockefeller Center'. Considering the first tree had 700 lights in 1933, you may want to bring some sustainably-crafted sunglasses if you see it in person.

3. From Forbes -- Small Business Saturday took place last weekend and this article offers a good summary of its strengths and opportunities. Many shoppers are seeking to buy local year-round and it's a good reminder to check out holiday fairs, small-town sidewalk festivals, and other ways you can support small businesses this holiday season. For our local readers, here's a great resource of upcoming fairs and festivals in Minnesota.

4. From Market Watch -- It's no surprise that we waste a lot of food ($165B/year of uneaten food in the United States alone) and a lot of that comes during the holidays. This article provides some good food for thought (had to do it) on how waste can be avoided to which I'll add that many cities now offer composting options so if you really can't get to all of it, you can at least return it to the earth in a constructive way. Composting in Minneapolis | Composting in St. Paul

5. From Mashable -- Hot of the presses (posted just 18 minutes before I found it!) is an excellent, link-heavy article that covers every idea you could possibly need for making your holidays more sustainable. From food to decor to wrapping paper to gift ideas, everything is here.

sustainable gift giving

Whatever your holiday season brings, thinking about your impact locally and globally is a great way to get in the spirit. We at Apparatus strongly feel the need to bring greater sustainability to our community through efficiency, collaboration, and emerging technologies and it's great to see a spirit of conscientiousness extended through what tends to be a high-consumption and high-waste time of year.

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