Five for Friday: Females are strong as hell

Happy Women's History Month and I hope I am not revealing its existence to you through this opening sentence. It was a big week for women as some of us went on strike to celebrate International Women's Day and some of us struck in solidarity as we trudged back to the State Capitol in a valiant effort to make America reasonable again. More on that in Leili's upcoming #mnleg post.

At any rate, it's Friday, we're together via the magic of the interwebs, and it's time to talk about headlines that you may have missed. This week, we're doin' it for ourselves.

  1. From Fortune - If this was your first year celebrating/being aware of International Women's Day, you can read a [probably too] brief history of it and get a feel for why this year was different (I was going to put a hint here for clarification but you're on the wrong blog if you don't already know the answer). If you're working on your auditory learning skills like I am, you can check out this classic episode of Stuff Your Mom Never Told You for a more in-depth backstory.

  2. From HuffPo - The Girl Scouts are celebrating more than cookies this month with a photo shoot/interactive women's history experience. Girls were invited to walk in the shoes of 11 female icons who chipped away at the cracked-though-intact ceiling above them. Grab a box of Thin Mints and watch the accompanying video. You won't be disappointed at seeing our future in front of you.

  3. From Money Magazine (Time, Inc.) - There's been a lot of noise about the World's Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017 (actual name; look it up), aka the Republican's replacement for the Affordable Care Act. Since we're focused on women today, here's a quick article that highlights six ways women will be immediately affected by the plan should it become law. TL;DR: it's not great.

  4. From Bustle - A counterpoint: Does a month celebrating women's history do more to marginalize women than lift them up? You've probably seen this argument re: other celebratory months/days, most notably Black History Month which just concluded. The author ultimately is on the side of celebrating women, of course, but asks an interesting question about how we can make every month feel like Women's History Month vs. checking the box that we acknowledged it.

  5. From Marketplace - Discussion about the effectiveness of a month focused on women's history notwithstanding, women are doing crazy cool things in technology like Jessica Banks, CEO of RockPaperRobot, whose company designs kinetic furniture. An interview with her starts ~6:15 in the linked podcast in which she talks about creating practical solutions to everyday problems. On studying robotics at MIT, she said: "After I realized that I could change the shape of metal, I felt like there was nothing that I couldn't morph — nothing I couldn't change." A good reminder for us all.

P.S. If you don't recognize the title of this post, it's from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt which, in addition to being a fantastic television show written by and starring women, probably has the best theme song of all time. Wrap your week by telling a strong as hell female you know that she's awesome.

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