18 for Friday: Robotics Alley Recap

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Nope, I'm not pitching a new show on TLC nor have I started the St. Paddy's Day festivities early, we really are going to have 18 items for you today so hold onto your shamrocks! (Or, skip the rest of this post and head to our website where everything below is accessible.)

As noted on this blog and via our many social media accounts, Apparatus hosted the first-ever Virtual Policy Forum at this year's Robotics Alley event as a way to do what we do best and connect technology and its disruptive tendencies with the systems/processes/governance structures we live in currently.

Our forum had two parts: (1) a panel of state legislators who spoke about their perspectives and experiences in supporting robotics and emerging technology and (2) an Expo Stage from which we conducted interviews with presenters to go deeper on their areas of expertise. We live-streamed the panel and interviews during the event and recorded them for posterity which brings us to our 18 for Friday. Without further ado:

  1. Legislator Panel - Moderated by Margaret Anderson Kelliher, CEO of the Minnesota High Tech Association, we were joined by State Senators Kari Dziedzic and Paul T. Anderson and State Representatives Tony Albright and Paul Thissen.

  2. Margaret Anderson Kelliher - Directly following the Legislator Panel, moderator Margaret Anderson Kelliher, CEO of the Minnesota High Tech Association, sat down with us to talk about her own perspective on moving legislation and policy to support a growing technology sector.

  3. Nilesh Mohan, the conference chair of Robotics Alley 2017, talks about his thoughts on the conference overall, especially as we try to adapt to the constant technology disruptions.

  4. Jacob Ward, former editor-in-chief of Popular Science magazine kicked off day one of the conference with a keynote on robotics ethics and how we must confront our own ethical dilemmas in order to build the "right" decisions into our technology.

  5. Dan Mallin from Equals 3, the developers of marketing technology Lucy, joined us on the Expo Stage to talk about how you can apply robotics automation to seemingly enormous tasks, such as aggregating content, news mentions, and metrics to make better marketing decisions.

  6. Mack Traynor with ReconRobotics talks about what it's taken to keep up with (and adapt alongside) a fast-changing industry.

  7. Arun Perinkolam sat on a panel discussing a very big question in the world of robotics: cyber-security. Hear more from him on the Expo Stage as he discusses why we must ensure our security keeps up with our technology.

  8. Brad Holschuh from the University of Minnesota talks about some of the amazing ways wearable technology can fuel healthcare advancements -- but only if it can get over some of the hurdles in our medical governance systems.

  9. Jason Huebscher discusses one of the hottest areas of robotics and technology advancement, 3D printing, and the opportunities and challenges it faces in the medical field.

  10. Cheryl Moeller from High Tech Kids joined us on the Expo Stage to talk about opportunities for kids to get involved with hands-on robotics experiences.

  11. Mark Lawrence followed Cheryl Moeller to talk about the next stage of robotics for kids -- high school robotics competitions. #omgrobots! The students who attended Robotics Alley were a huge highlight for everyone involved and there was a great write-up in the Star Tribune that focused on the girls teams that were present.

  12. Mark Ritchie, who's leading the push to get Minnesota the 2023 World's Fair, joined us to discuss why Minnesota is an ideal place to showcase innovation in technology, healthcare, and wellness (as if you needed to convince us Minnesota should be at the top of everyone's list!).

  13. Don Craighead, the winner of the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award from Robotics Alley, closed out our first day of interviews with reflections on how the robotics industry has changed and how no matter the technology, it all comes down to people.

  14. Aaron Sykes is the co-founder of Minnesota Autonomous Vehicle (MAV) Meet-up, a group for drone builders and pilots. With policy on the brain, we talked about what needs to change to make rules and regulations clearer for flyers, the public, and law enforcement.

  15. Heather McGannon from the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry dug into the question of supplying and supporting a workforce in the area of robotics, including how programs like the PIPELINE Project are designed to help.

  16. Lars Oddsson talks about some very cool balance technology and what it would take to get it in the hands (and on the feet) of those who can most benefit from it.

  17. Chad Stiernagle with Best Buy followed up his closing keynote by talking about how retail, specifically brick and mortar stores, are being transformed by technology and what that means for consumers.

  18. Eileen Manning, Executive Producer of the Robotics Alley event, closed out the conference with reflections on six years of Robotics Alley conferences, highlights from the 2017 session, and how she hopes the conversation will continue.

Whew -- 18 is a lot of items for one day but seeing them all together really illuminates the depth and breadth of the conference, the expertise of the speakers, and the vast insights and advancements that came together over two days.

Most important to the team at Apparatus was helping conference goers and listeners to understand more about where technology and policy meet, and how we need to transform with these fast-paced advancements if we want to keep Minnesota on the path of being a technology leader in the country and beyond.

We'll be back next week with a more traditional 5 for Friday, but in the meantime enjoy the videos, discussions, and St. Paddy's day festivities.

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