Five for Friday: No Spring Break for the Weary

Schools may be on break but we are here for you and your need for news! Welcome to the Five for Friday where we'll talk about some April Fools, Tesla's takeover, and some very important news about robots trying to bake. Let's get to it.


uber psychology
  1. From BGR - I bet when you read the intro about April Fools you thought I was going to get into some of our most illustrious Cabinet officials (why bother? the Internet is here for you) but instead I'm bringing you a fantastic roundup of tech and entertainment companies getting in on the fun of 4/1. As someone who routinely forgets it's a day of pranks, these always sneak up on me.

  2. From Tech Crunch - To no one's real surprise, Tesla is quickly becoming one of the most valuable automobile companies in the country. This article puts it at the top of the heap, although GM's blog (shockingly) says it hasn't knocked it off the pedestal of #1 just yet. Regardless of the minutiae on that front, it's clear that Tesla and its disruptive self-driving technology and focus is upending the status quo and amassing marketshare quickly.

  3. From Yahoo Finance - Sustainability interest is further into the mass market than you might think. According to realtors nationwide, homebuyers are asking about greener, more sustainable homes and this is changing not only the value of such homes, but also the ways in which realtors are marketing themselves as green living experts. Maybe capitalism will save us all, eh?

  1. From the New York Times - Congratulations! You may already be a robot! Uber is employing some very cool psychological triggers to keep drivers working longer and producing more revenue for the company. With a mix of video game-esque graphics, Netflix-esque auto-queuing, and plain old "You're almost to the next level, don't you want to achieve gold-star-with-a-hint-of-tourmaline status?" competitiveness, it's quite impressive what they've been able to do to--er, for?--their drivers' motivation.

  2. From Some Ecards - I know this isn't exactly the most reputable of tech sources, but it's definitely among the most reputable in weird and funny news and this is not to be missed. A research scientist named Janelle Shane is making science come alive by building neural networks (programs that learn over time) to do fun things, like bake. After feeding it (pun intended) tens of thousands of recipes, it started spitting out some really great suggestions including: Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Pickle Sauce, Salmon Beef Style Chicken Bottom, and my personal favorite, Cream of Sour Cream Cheese Soup which I would 100% make and devour like my life depended on it.

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