Got Two Minutes? Use It To Oppose Bad Environmental Legislation

Defending the environment is exhausting, especially during the legislative session. And this session has been particularly punishing. It's easy to find yourself overloaded by the sheer volume of rollbacks and loopholes flying through the Minnesota legislature, as well as by the deluge of petitions, rallies, and action alerts to combat them.

Rest your weary hooves, my friends. From now until the end of session (which for the love of everything cheese-coated better be May 22), you can help champion protections for our air, water, land, and rights by visiting once a day to take a single, quick daily action identified by a coalition of Minnesota's environmental and conservation non-profits and curated by Apparatus.

You can also follow KeepMNClean on Facebook and Twitter, where we'll post the daily action each morning, or sign-up on the website to receive weekly email updates. Easy peasy hug a treesy.

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