Five for Friday: Because we said so, that's why

While planning your Mother's Day festivities and the many ways you'll express undying love for the woman who gave you life, rules, and clean socks, here's a weekly wrap-up of brunch-worthy topics guaranteed* to get your discussion rolling with some of our favorite mom-isms.

*Leili won't let me guarantee anything so let's just all agree it's really good.

  1. "Let's play the quiet game." Even though we're all using Instagram to one-up each other on the beautiful sites around us, the National Park Service would really like you to leave your tech at home when you come to experience nature, especially your drone. Not only is it annoying to others in some of the last remaining truly quiet spaces outdoors, it's been shown to distress the wildlife. Let's all see how quiet we can be in nature, eh?

  2. "You better wipe that look off your face." Yeah, Tesla; I'm looking at you. Although all but synonymous with leading the pack of self-driving car technology, there are (at last count) no fewer than 263 companies getting into the self-driving car and self-driving car technology space. Although the players are coming and going quickly, there's a lot to be said for a car revolution.

  3. "Don't make me pull this car over because I will!" Waymo (fka the Google self-driving car project) announced it's clocked more than three million miles on public roads and, wait for it moms, including in minivans. Not only that, they're getting better as they go: 'Data released by the California Department of Motor Vehicles in February showed a huge drop in the number of times that Waymo’s human engineers had to take control of the self-driving cars.' Everyone to the MomMobile!

  4. "One day you'll thank me." And she just might stick around indefinitely to see that you do...there's a new startup on the block and it's promising immortality. I guess moms everywhere can now find out if the threat 'don't make that face or it'll stay that way' holds up. At any rate, if I understand it correctly, they're going to code thought processes and information about how your body works into sensor technology which will be put into an artificial body with the brain of a deceased human. Zombie moms for everyone, I guess. Thanks, nanotech!

  5. "Where are your manners? Were you raised by wolves?" Maybe! There's been a recent discovery of a small-brained, human-like skeleton in South Africa. Six methods of dating helped scientists determine the bones were "astonishingly young" and may have even overlapped with ancestors of Homo sapiens. Sounds like a great candidate for a blind date so you can finally give your mom the grandkids she deserves.

Wishing you a very happy Mother's Day weekend and we'll be back next week with more fodder for your Friday!

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