Five For Friday: It's the remix to ignition, multi-modal edition...

...transit, biking, and walking lower diesel emissions.

We've been making a podcast! Tell you more? But of course:

We are so appreciative of the amazing stories and discussions that our podcast guests have shared with us, and we can't wait to start sharing them with you. So your Five for Friday this week is a list of five things you can do to help support the podcast, show thanks to our guests, and help to continue advancing the conversation about transportation in the Twin Cities and beyond.

1. Visit the Here to There website and share your commute on our interactive story map. You can also check out where and how others' commute around the Twin Cities.

2. Sign up on our website to receive new episode alerts.

3. Listen to our first three episodes, premiering on Monday! You can get the podcast through our website, on iTunes, or wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

4. Share the podcast with your friends and followers on social media using the hashtag #H2TPodcast.

5. Leave us a rating and review on iTunes. Don't forget to subscribe while you're there.

That's it! Happy weekend, everyone. I gotta bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce.....

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