5 for Friday: Highly Recommended, vol. 1

The Minnesota Legislative Session started this week and that means it's time to tell our assembled representatives what we care about and expect from them. We at Apparatus jumped right into the fray at yesterday's rally for sensible gun laws hosted by Protect MN. The rotunda was electrified by voices demanding change and action. There are battles ahead to be sure, but we're ready for the fight.

As a follow up to last week's action-oriented post and in the spirit of trying something new, on the final Friday of the month we're going to try out a new round-up called Highly Recommended. This monthly post will give you five things we've watched/heard/read/etc. that we highly recommend. This isn't just a song or movie review kind of deal, but rather something thought provoking on a current event or topic that we want to share and discuss. Think of it like a virtual book club except you don't have to nod and smile if you don't do all the reading.

  1. With Friends Like These Podcast, "Foot Servants of Wokeness" episode. I am something of a podcast connoisseur (I don't even want to admit the number of hours I consume in a single day), and you'll see a lot of podcast recommendations in Highly Recommended. To start things off is a recent episode of WFLT from Crooked Media. This episode features author Ijeoma Oluo talking about her book “So You Want To Talk about Race” and it's an excellent and genuine conversation about the ways we talk about (and don't talk about) race in America.

  2. The Atlantic "What I Saw Treating Victims From Parkland Should Change the Debate on Guns". I found the perspective of this radiologist to be fascinating and a necessary read, even though there might not be anything but NRA money that will change the debate on guns. Instead of getting lost in a greater philosophical debate, the author does a nice job of focusing on the AR-15 itself with a factual and methodical breakdown of the havoc it wreaks not just to groups of people but to individual bodies.

  3. Code Switch Podcast, "It's Not Just About the Blood" episode. Another always-good podcast is Code Switch from NPR. I'd highly recommend subscribing to it entirely in addition to listening to this specific episode that discusses Native American-ness as defined by the 500 sovereign tribal nations and the struggles they're facing as the makeup of families changes.

  4. Vanity Fair's News Section, The Hive. VF has really developed its news section into something I use as a go-to for in-depth coverage of WTF is going on in national politics. I especially like their coverage of the interpersonal relationships, as seen in this recent article on Gen. Kelly v. J-Kush. It's a nice site to round out your news intake and always includes great photos.

  5. The Olympics, All Of It. From out and proud LGBT athletes to another Miracle On Ice to everything and anything happening in curling, it's all amazing. Also highly recommend Icarus on Netflix if you haven't seen it and are into Olympic scandals. Also highly recommend the NBC Olympics Instagram account which deserves some kind of award for posts like this.

That's it for this week's post! Let us know what you think of Highly Recommended and what you'd add to the list.

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