5 for Friday: Sisters are doing it for themselves (and everyone else)

Happy Friday and happy day-after International Women's Day! In honor of a one-day holiday that should last 365, we're highlighting notable women in this week's wrap-up.

  1. From NPR - 7 Gutsy Women to Know this International Women's Day - This article includes a sex trafficking survivor and activist in Argentina, a Boko Haram survivor, leaders in science and advocacy, and more.

  2. From Thought Catalog - 7 Badass Women From History You Should Know (but probably don't) - Self-explanatory, obviously, but still a great read. Did you know a Japanese woman is credited with writing the first novel?

  3. From Refinery 29 - 20 Black Women You Need to Know Right Now - As advertised, this article is a list of outstanding women with links to in-depth interviews.

  4. From Good Housekeeping - 120 Women Who Changed Our World - I realize the lists keep getting longer but IMO, there's no list too long. What I especially liked about this gallery is how timely it feels -- #1 is Emma Gonzalez, the Parkdale, FL high schooler who is helping lead the way to put a voice to the pervasive gun violence afflicting our schools and communities. It's also a good mix of household names and should-be-but-aren't household names.

  5. No list about amazing women (well, one that I write anyway) will be complete without the one and only Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice, feminist, an icon, and about to be featured in a documentary about her awesome self. Famously in on the joke comparing her to the Notorious B.I.G. (rest in peace), she deservedly has legions of fans that appreciate her long and fruitful career. Check out some audio of RBG appearing before the SCOTUS as an ACLU lawyer in this episode of More Perfect (a truly excellent podcast).

  6. (Bonus) From NYT - By way of rounding out this post with some more detailed information about the day itself, I'm including this NYT article that puts a nice exclamation point on this year's significance. Since IWD last year and this year, much has occurred. #MeToo, Time's Up, bigger marches, more candidates -- it's been intense and amazing. This article offers a nice roundup of activities that took place worldwide yesterday and the ways that women are fighting systemic inequality.

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