5 for Friday: Minnesota leading the way, then and now

Hello and happy Friday! We're heading into a decidedly spring-like weekend here in MN, so let's spring into our wrap-up with book-ends on the great state of Minnesota.

  1. From Axios - Move over Post-Its, 3M's got a new game and it's autonomous vehicles. Focusing primarily on safety (sensors, specialized films, traffic-controlling/managing materials), 3M is setting itself up to be a major player in the components game of autonomous vehicles. Now for a Scotch tape holder to go on my dashboard...

  2. From The Daily Mail (my perennial go-to for science news) - Check out this very cool electric car fresh off the 3D printer assembly line. In just three days and for about $10k, you too can have a go-go-gadget electric two-seater of your own.

  3. From the NYT - Here's a trick question: Can every human on the planet live a decent life without us completely ruining Earth? It's a trick question only because I let you think there's possibly an answer that's not 'no'. (This article is part of the Times' new Climate Fwd digital publication.)

  4. From STAT - Elizabeth Holmes, the failed CEO at Theranos (a company that was set to revolutionize the blood testing sector), was back in the news this week as she was charged with fraud by the SEC (more here from CNN). STAT has a great new podcast (linked at the #4) that provides commentary around whether she got off easy or not. Bloomberg weighs in on the worry with biotech funding's explosion.

  5. From Minnesota Public Radio - We don't toot our horns too loudly over here in the bold north, but you betcha I'm going to give a big TOOT TOOT to this piece from MPR about the ahead-of-its-time idea to build a 'smart city', the likes of which Google likes to claim credit for developing these days. Sounds like there's a heckuva documentary to go along with it.

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