All aboard SWLRT!

As the snow comes down outside, I'm gleefully re-reading the news from earlier this month that construction on the Southwest Light Rail is finally set to begin (in winter no less, because Minnesota). It's been a long (very long) time coming, but looking at my meeting schedule for tomorrow, I can't wait to take a train instead of braving 94...even if I have to wait until 2023.

In celebration of this major milestone, I wanted to re-share one of our Here to There podcast episodes where we spoke to State Senator Scott Dibble at the future site of the West Lake Street Light Rail platform and former Met Council Chair Adam Duininck aboard a light rail train between St. Paul and Minneapolis. This was the capstone of our series and, aptly, named "Aspiration" as we were looking ahead to transportation possibilities that could further shape our Metro and well beyond. It's always nice when dreams come true.

Not to be forgotten, Commissioner Charlie Zelle also appears in this episode. With a budget year looming at the Minnesota Legislature and transportation back on the table, it's a good time to get reacquainted with the important role transportation plays in increasing equity and opportunity for all of us.

Listen to Episode 10: Aspiration of Here to There >>

Post updated to add more good news! Buses rule!

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