Q&A with Our Newest Team Member, Maddie!

We're delighted to introduce everyone to our newest team member, Maddie Greene. Maddie joins Apparatus as our Content Manager and resident social media and digital marketing pro. Check out our Q&A with Maddie to learn more about her and the value of the skill sets she brings to Apparatus and to our clients.

LF: Our clients are trying to pass policies to support kids with dyslexia and get affordable housing in the bonding bill--they're not selling artisan turmeric tonic. Why should they care about Instagram?

MG: I'm a firm believer that social media platforms like Instagram are the best storytelling tools. Connecting communities to organizations that share the same ideals on a digital scale can mobilize power, engagement, and action and further the work we're trying to do. Utilizing social media to enhance your brand story is essential no matter if you're a business selling a product or an organization sharing a mission or advancing an effort. The best advice I can give is to research which platform does the most work for you. Facebook is a great way to generate interest in events while Instagram provides a platform to show your visual brand. Twitter can help facilitate conversations with your audience while LinkedIn can foster the growth of your network connections. You have to find what works best for your organization and that doesn't mean you have to be on every social platform that exists.

LMG: What are you as a social media and digital marketing professional able to offer a client that their neighbor's 15-year-old nephew can't? I mean, he went to a very exclusive 6 week computer camp last summer near Lake Pokegama.

MG: When I was in college, a friend of mine used to call me "Mrs. Zuckerberg" because I was so immersed in my digital studies and I have often been asked how I turned posting on Instagram into a career path. I've worked with small businesses, non-profits, brick and mortars and college athletic departments. My skillset and experience is far beyond posting a cool photo to Instagram or tweeting at a celebrity. Yes, your neighbor's nephew can post to Instagram and can probably code an app but can he ensure that a company's website is easily found by its target audience? Can he optimize content for search engines or manage an online presence and brand identity for a company? Can he monitor campaigns and adjust messaging based on audience behaviors to increase conversions and drive traffic? Probably not. This is an ever changing field and while my college education has come into play throughout the last 10 years, I have learned more about social media and digital marketing through continuing my studies outside of the classroom. Instagram algorithm changes and engagement across the platform plummets? There's a training for that. Facebook adds new business tools to Messenger and you have no clue how they work? There's a training for that. I'm constantly learning and while that computer camp sounds awesome (where can I sign up?), I wouldn't trust a 15-year-old with your brands identity.

LF: So let's talk crisis management. I was Facebook stalking a certain rising star in the state House of Representatives and I accidentally tagged myself in a 4 year old picture of him and his ex-wife on the beach during their honeymoon. What should I do?

MG: I have been here before and while it wasn't someone as high profile, getting sucked into the blackhole that is social media stalking is common. In this situation, I would just untag myself. It's as simple as that. He may get a notification and wonder why you decided that was a good idea to tag yourself in that particular photo but it's not the end of the world. Leaving the tag would push the photo into your newsfeed and let's be honest, you don't want that and messaging him to apologize would just make it more awkward than it has to be. Untag and move on (and next time, be a little more careful!).

LMG: Let's get to the important stuff. What are the five songs you've listened to multiple times this week?

MG: Here, check it out on my playlist on our nifty new Apparatus Spotify account!

LMG: What is your favorite podcast? Other than Here to There, obvi.

MG: Lately, I've been really into listening to The Last Podcast on the Left. Three guys laugh into the abyss that is the dark side of humanity (I didn't write this... they did). I think the hosts are hilarious and the topics are interesting. The series they did on Mormonism is a must-listen and is what got me hooked in the first place. I also really enjoyed the first season of Serial. The story was captivating and I found myself unsure of who to believe. When it comes to podcasts, I've found that I need something that keeps me interested and constantly on my toes because otherwise I drift off into other tasks and miss half of what they are saying. I've listened to this a couple of times just because.

LF: If you could only keep three possessions, what would they be?

MG: I would definitely take my camera, it is one of my most prized possessions and I love capturing memories. The nice thing about social media and cloud storage is that I wouldn't have to take the photos with me because they are always accessible. I would also grab my copy of The Great Gatsby. It's the novel that made me fall in love with reading. I have read the same copy twice a year since I was in 9th grade and it has moved with me through all stages of my life. I love the story but that physical copy of the book is sentimental. The last thing I would keep is my baby blanket that my grandma knitted for me when I was a baby. It is one of the only items I have kept in pristine condition from my childhood and I love that me and all of my cousins have that piece of her to keep with us all the time.

LMG: How long would you last in a zombie apocalypse?

MG: Not long. I like to think I am brave and strong but let's be honest, I would run, hide and then the end would come.

LF: What's a movie you can practically quote from start to finish?

MG: I love movies and go to the theatre almost every week. It is my favorite form of self care. There are a few movies I can quote every word to: Titanic, Bridesmaids and Clueless.

LF: I like how you spelled "theatre" the fancy way. You're already classing the joint up. What art thou reading presently?

MG: I'm on a mission to read 52 books in 2019 and I am behind a few weeks so I'm in a reading frenzy currently. I just finished up Hollywood's Eve by Lili Anolik. Next in the queue are Devil in the White City by Erik Larson, The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and Educated by Tara Westover. I also read The Skimm every morning which has been a good way for me to get a briefing of the news without feeling overwhelmed right away every day.

LMG: Lightning round! Favorite food?

MG: Tie between nachos and pizza.

LMG: Favorite beverage?

MG: Non-alcoholic is Cherry Coke. I also love tequila so margaritas are always a win in my book.

LMG: Favorite color?

MG: Viking purple.

LMG: Favorite holiday?

MG: Fourth of July--I love country music and summertime!

LMG: Coffee order?

MG: It depends on how many cups I've already had that day but I usually go with a vanilla latte. On ice in the spring/summer and warm in the fall/winter.

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