Elections: Looking behind and ahead

Last week's elections had some interesting results and the week in between has led to a few more surprises. Let's wrap up 2019's election season as we all hunker down for a wild ride ahead.

First, let's cover a few things that happened last week:

  1. Trash talk is over (for now) -- Trash passed in St. Paul! 62.5% of voters said they want to keep the city-run system. I'm sure this is the last we'll ever hear of this and nobody will ever complain about garbage ever again.

  2. Bloomington got a new mayor -- For the first time since we all heard the song Smooth on repeat, the city of Bloomington elected a new mayor, Tim Busse. Busse had the endorsement of his predecessor and won handily.

  3. Kentucky got a new governor (officially, finally) -- Democratic state Attorney General Andy Beshear beat the incumbent governor but it was close...close enough that the current governor asked to recanvass (the only option available as the state does not allow a recount for this type of election). As of Thursday, the governor finally conceded that he did, in fact, lose.

Next, let's cover a couple things to know:

  1. Retirement announcements abound -- In case you didn't know, every single seat in the Minnesota Legislature is up in 2020 (start practicing your hand stretches now; your 2020 ballot is going to be long). So far, four House members and one Senate member have said they won't seek reelection to their positions.

  2. The big picture -- Do you like nerding out on lots of details and hypotheses? Then 538 has the 2019 wrap-up for you! Putting Virginia, Mississippi, and Kentucky under a microscope, this deep dive looks at what we can learn about where 2020 might take us. TLDR: Voter turnout will be historic.

Last but definitely not least, this Tuesday was National Run for Office Day. Running for office is a big decision and a ton of work but there are teams ready to help you -- like Apparatus! We have a variety of scalable, flexible services that can help with everything from getting your campaign a beautiful logo to deploying a field team. Check out our options and let us know how we can help.

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