New year, new us

Well, actually it's the same us but also more us. Us+. Read on.

As you may have noticed, we kicked off the year with the announcement of a new team member, Joe Radinovich. We've worked with Joe for many years (notably in 2017 getting Jacob Frey elected Mayor of Minneapolis) and are excited to have him join our team and bring additional capacity to our political and campaign work.

Since this is technically a #5forFriday, we thought we'd breakdown the five business major areas of our work and what we're looking forward to in each.

#1 Government Relations - We're steadily adding to our list of lobbying clients and look forward to getting back to the Capitol this winter! Our government relations work has covered everything from the environment and education to craft beer and legal marijuana. The 2020 legislative session will boast our biggest roster yet and we're ready for a bonding year sprint.

#2 Strategic Communications - From PR to digital to graphics to podcasts, we kind of like to do it all. We work with a variety of clients on their communications needs from traditional media and public relations to innovative new ideas like that time we traveled the Metro in search of good transportation stories. We have some exciting new ideas up our sleeves for 2020 so stay tuned for more!

#3 Political and Campaign Services - It's no secret we love a good political campaign. We're proud to have worked on a variety of campaigns, both as a company and as individuals, and we have a strong feeling 2020 will bring some exciting work. We recently rolled out a menu of services for campaigns that are getting up and running.

#4 Cannabusiness - Last year, we launched a new division of Apparatus, Blunt Strategies ( Blunt has been off and running ever since March, working with clients like the MN Hemp Association, CBD retailers and processors, and some very exciting startup concepts we can't even tell too much about...yet. If you really want to get a taste of what this work is all about, join us for a half-day hemp success session to learn more about how you can be involved in this growing industry here in Minnesota.

#5 The Mix - I suppose it's kind of cheating, but #5 is arguably the most important business area -- it's how everything listed above mixes together. What makes us unique is the Us+ (does this count as trademarked yet?) and how we approach our work from the center of the Venn diagram where natural, built, and social systems intersect. Although each partner more or less leads the first three business areas above, we also all work collaboratively to bring our different skills into every client engagement we take on -- they're all essential to one another and enhance the level of service we provide.

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