Advocacy Still Matters

Hello, hello. What a week (and I say *every* week at this point).

It's been rough and likely to get rougher still. Although things will continue to change as communities deal with the Covid-19 outbreak, there are plenty of ways to stay engaged and advocate for issues that matter to you. How and where you do it will be different, but it can be done. Below, a few ideas to advocate from your couch.

1. First and foremost, deep breath. Everything may feel shaky, but we will come out the other side of this. It's hard to feel like everything is on hold, but remember it's only temporary. Even if temporary lasts a while.

2. Stay connected to supporters. You may need to take a short (or long) term break when it comes to boots on the ground advocacy, but staying connected is key. When and where appropriate, send emails, keep up social media, find ways to virtually stay in touch, and keep your connection. For the time being your conversations might be dominated by the crisis, but staying connected -- no matter the conversation topic -- will be beneficial to everyone.

3. When the time is right, your reps are still there -- reach out. Phone and email still work -- and hey, now you have time to craft a meaningful note! You can get email addresses or contact pages here and reach out to connect. Depending on the state of current events and the relevancy of your issue to pressing matters, you may be able to setup a phone call to talk more in depth.

4. Use technology! An online meeting platform like Zoom is a great way to get a group together. This could be used in a webinar format to inform/update supporters, provide training on citizen advocacy, etc. It could also be used in a meeting/discussion format if you want to dive into strategic conversations or if you're able to secure a time to connect with a legislator and wanted to have a small group meeting.

5. Use even more technology! There are effective and easy ways to make short video testimonials which can be posted on a website and/or on social media sent directly to legislators. You could provide some simple guidance, talking points, and pointers to your supporters and let them loose to create.

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