What it means to us to be a GBC

When Leili and I started Apparatus, we knew that we wanted to build a company that was ethically successful. Said differently, we wanted to make money but only by doing good things with positive outcomes for our community and issues we care about.

Not long after we started Apparatus, we were able to apply to become a Public Benefit Corporation in Minnesota. As of then, we've officially been a General Benefit Corporation (you select if you're a general or specific benefit corporation when you apply) with a mission to advance a cleaner environment, a fairer economy, and a more just society. We offer our services exclusively to clients and projects that seek to serve the common good.

It's not only in how we approach our work, though; it's also how we approach ourselves. We have many passions, networks, and causes we care about and we're committed to being flexible so that our team can find time to do things they care about. A few examples:

Nonprofit Leadership: We all serve on various boards which is an important and invigorating way to give back. Recently, I stepped off a board chair role to become the interim executive director at the Citizens League, an organization I've worked with for many years. I'm incredibly excited about the opportunity and a new dimension of taking on civic engagement and policy work. One more reason to lurk around the Capitol!

Commissions: Leili has served on various commissions including her current role as appointee of Mayor Frey to the Metropolitan Airports Commission. Since 2018, she has represented the City of Minneapolis on the commission. While she probably can't help you figure out if your flight is on time, she does have all the scoop on renovation projects.

Education: Joe joined our team this year, just as he enrolled at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities to pursue ongoing coursework. As a part-time student, Joe has taken a number of courses that overlap with his work with the Minnesota Hemp Association and our office plants look all the better for his increased academic work in horticulture.

Community Service: When Maddie isn't at the office, you can probably find her volunteering with the Junior League of Saint Paul. The mission of the organization is to promote voluntarism, develop the potential of women, and improve communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. In the upcoming year, Maddie will serve as the Fund Development Manager of the organization where she will use her fundraising and community relations background to help further the mission of JLSP.

Political Campaigns: Kyrstin took a leave from Apparatus to support the Pete Buttigieg presidential campaign as the Midwest Marathon States Regional Organizing Director. She had a phenomenal experience working with the team both here in Minnesota and in South Bend, IN.

As you can see, we have a lot of passions and interests. When it comes to living out our general benefit status, we believe that more is more and that benefit comes in many forms and functions.

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