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I have a not-so-exciting secret to share: I love podcasts.

I love them as a medium to get information, I love them as a medium to share information, and they have become an important partner in my day-to-day activities.

At my first job out of college, I helped launch a small business' podcast. It was about business, technology, and changing industries. It was a great introduction for me to something that was still a pretty new way to connect, especially because you had to go to a computer to listen to it.

About ten years later, Leili and I produced Here to There, a 10-episode podcast digging into the different aspects and values of transit and transportation. Unlike my first podcast which was pretty much a linear conversation recorded and edited with some snazzy music, this was about as complicated as it got. We were in the field, in the studio, making our own was wild. And amazing.

When I started listening to podcasts, it was because I wanted to get information without staring at a screen. Now, I probably listen to upwards of five hours/day of podcasts (I know it sounds a little bonkers, but I listen at either 1.5 or 2x speed so it goes by quickly).

Here are a few of my favorites:

News & Business

The Daily

It's Been a Minute


Today, Explained

The Economist Morning Briefing

How I Built This


TED Radio Hour

Revisionist History

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Code Switch

This American Life


Nice White Parents


Everything Iconic

You Must Remember This

Noble Blood

American Girls


This Podcast Has Fleas

Wow in the World

Story Pirates


This is only a sampling of all I digest...let me know what you love to listen to!

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