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To say 2020 has been a wild year is an understatement, but, somehow, it's only going to get wilder as we approach Nov. 3.

Election Day is a favorite holiday of mine (well, it should be a federal holiday but we'll leave that to another blog post) and one I can't wait to share in this year. A quick look at my sample ballot shows seven races spanning from President to School Board, two city questions, and 29 judges. It feels a little overwhelming, somewhat confusing, and very, very important.

It's not lost on me that as we celebrated the 100th anniversary of women being able to vote in this county, women have some of the most to gain -- and lose -- in this year's races. Voting is essential to our democracy, under siege, and the best way to use your voice for what you believe in. (If you don't believe me that every vote matters, check this out.)

Although campaigning and voting looks different in a time of Covid, there are still ways to participate, advocate, and activate. Check out a few ideas below to get you started!

  1. Volunteer! Check out the candidates running in your district (here's a handy resource and here's where to look up a sample ballot) and contact their campaigns.

  2. Check out voter guides from organizations you trust

  3. Make a voting plan. Register to vote, find out where you vote in person, and request a mail-in ballot now so you're ready come Nov. 3.

  4. Track your ballot so you can sleep soundly!

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