Meet Destiny, our newest team member!

Apparatus is closing out 2020 by adding another member to our small but mighty team. We'd like to introduce you to Destiny Muñoz- Semple who joins Apparatus as an Advocacy Specialist. Learn more about Destiny, her interests, and the value she brings to our team below.

I know that you are most recently coming from Planned Parenthood, what was the most important thing that you did while you were there?

Through my journey at Planned Parenthood, I developed an appreciation for the importance of great patience through a multi-formative lens. I stepped into my role as Civic Engagement Organizer right before Covid-19 hit, so it was a complete learning curve for me and the team. Acclimating to our new way of life in a pandemic was just the beginning. Experiencing societal and personal growth included learning the importance of mutual-aid and serving my community. An essential lesson I learned, is that there is greatness in humanity and even in the darkness and I have been able to practice that.

What made you want to transition from the non-profit side?

After spending close to a decade volunteering and working in non-profits I was looking for the opportunity to challenge myself in a new space.

There’s a lot of pressure on nonprofits and, therefore, their employees. It can often feel like you're running a marathon of sprints: each day you’re just prepping for the next fundraiser, appeal, board meeting, volunteer orientation, and so on. Oh, and you’re doing it all with limited staff.

One thing I knew for certain from all my non-profit work was that I wanted to work somewhere mission-driven. Finding a team like the one at Apparatus, where I feel I can learn, grow, and also be part of a for-profit business was an exciting new opportunity. Apparatus is a place that holds clear values when it comes to getting people to care about issues for the common good and that is something that will always be important to me

You are so passionate about the BIPOC work you do, tell me more about how your personal experiences influence your work.

As the oldest child of an immigrant father from Colombia, I have seen firsthand the barriers and hoops that my father had to jump through as a brown man, which made simple things ten times harder. These challenges make it difficult for someone who comes from a more disadvantaged place to achieve their potential. I am a Latina — specifically a white-presenting Latina. While I have experienced discrimination, I have never feared for my life because of the color of my skin. I pass. It’s as simple as that. I’ve had countless people tell me that I don’t 'look' Latina enough. Yet still, I’ve experienced not being “white enough”.

When it comes to personal experiences throughout my life and career, I've been frustrated by being ignored, excluded, targeted with inappropriate comments. What has been worse, is watching these same things happen to those around me.

I think it’s extremely important that we all are constantly checking our privilege. I’m well aware that I was given more opportunities in my life than most people, including my family that came before me. I want my efforts to push to a more just society. My main focus that drives my work is making a lasting impact when it comes to working on issues around diversity, inclusion, and equity. Authenticity is key, and it is much easier to exert energy on things you are passionate about, and for me, that is BIPOC focused issues.

I think Audre Lorde says it perfectly, “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”

I heard you have a pretty interesting connection to one of our Directors- something about you both being Hawks, tell me more about that.

Oh yes! Kyrstin and I were both located in the North Metro for Al Franken’s 2014 Senate race. It was my big first internship following graduating from high school. I met so many amazing people on that campaign and still am connected to them to this day.

Shout out to all my North Hawks!

I heard that you are a major foodie. What is your favorite thing to cook?

The most fulfilling recipes that I cook are either my Peruvian ceviche or my famous Colombian sanchoco (couldn't pick just one).

I truly enjoy running all over the Cities to various grocery stories picking up all the authentic ingredients and the hours I get to put into making sure everything, down to presentation, is perfect. I love the feeling that I have when I watch someone try one of my dishes and see the joy fill in their face.

I have traveled to different cities all around the globe with itineraries that prioritize visiting different markets, cafes, and restaurants. I am obsessed with learning about different cultures through food. I have to say that I am lucky to be located in the Twin Cities where we have an amazing and growing food scene. Few things beat the art of cooking… although skydiving might be a close second.

You're also a yogi! What is your favorite yoga pose?

Yes, I am! I was fortunate enough to become a yoga instructor after I graduated from high school and have learned many lessons on my mat that ring true to this day. As far as poses I love, I would probably have to say Pungu Mayurasana (also known as Wounded Peacock). This pose takes a lot of mental focus which reminds me that it is okay to press pause on the world around me. Pungu mayurasana also activates the Manipura (solar plexus or navel) chakra, which is associated with decisiveness and self-esteem.

Interesting fact: A close friend and fellow yogi taught me that your manipura has the power to: transform, build motivation, helps with self-control, and encourages sense of purpose.

How long would you last in a zombie apocalypse?

Hopefully at least a few weeks???

I would love to think that I would be in a position where I would try and help those around me but I know that this would result in me dying quickly. My thoughts are after a few weeks when only the aggressively self-interested are alive, the lack of cooperation among these survivors will slowly chip away at their numbers. Just as they didn't help anyone, no one will be there to help them when Zombie Destiny finally corners them.

Lightning round!

Favorite food?


Favorite Beverage?

Obsessed with sparkling water

Favorite color?


Favorite holiday?

New Year's Eve, love all the excitement (new year, new me?)

Coffee order?

Hot americano with an extra shot of espresso and a splash of oat milk

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