Leili Fatehi

Partner & Principal


Leili has 15 years experience developing and executing strategies to influence people’s attitudes and motivate their actions.

Leili offers deep substantive knowledge of the legal, regulatory, market, and non-market systems that govern decision-making at the federal, state, and local levels, including how these systems interact with one another. A resourceful strategist and agile negotiator, Leili has earned a reputation for delivering legislative and administrative wins against some of the biggest and most entrenched special interests.


Her most valuable talents are:

  • her ability to identify and utilize political and policy levers at a systems level across issue areas, stakeholder groups, and geographic regions

  • her creativity in developing persuasive arguments and communication strategies that command attention and get results

  • her aptitude developing innovative marketing assets, especially web and print design

Leili’s primary areas of expertise are:

  • Law & public policy

  • Lobbying

  • Political strategy

  • Social marketing

  • Campaign development & management

  • Graphic media

  • Web design


Other useful info about Leili:

  • She's a licensed attorney

  • She has a JD from the U of MN & a BS in Industrial & Labor Relations from
    Cornell University


  • She's former faculty at the U of MN with cross-appointments in Law School, Humphrey School & Center for Bioethics

  • She represents Minneapolis on the Metropolitan Airports Commission

  • She sits on the Minneapolis Commission on Civil Rights

  • Her favorite movie is Zoolander

  • Her favorite Real Housewives franchise is Atlanta

  • She a tetrachromat, which means she can see 100 times as many colors than the average human

Laura Monn Ginsburg

Partner & Principal


Laura has spent her career helping organizations tell stories that compel action.


She brings 15 years of experience in strategic marketing, branding, communications, and project management for a variety of corporate and non-profit organizations. Her extensive marketing experience includes analyst and public relations work, new product launches, website design and optimization, web/print/social media content development, event planning and management, multi-channel campaign design and execution, and more. 


Laura’s most valuable talents are:

  • her process-driven approach to developing and executing strategies that motivate action

  • her ability to take insights from disparate groups and stakeholders and package them into a cohesive and compelling message that resonates with multiple audiences

  • her poise and skills as a spokesperson to deliver often complex information in a manner that is clear, articulate, and polished


Laura’s primary areas of expertise are:

  • Strategic communications

  • Multi-channel design & execution

  • Content development for web, print & social media

  • Press & media relations

  • Project management

  • Public speaking


Other useful info about Laura:

  • She has an English degree from Carleton College

  • She currently serves on the Board of Directors of:

    National Council of Jewish Women Inc., National Council of Jewish Women MN (past board chair), Citizens League (board chair and past interim executive director), Move Minneapolis (vice chair), the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce, and the Love Takes Root Advisory Committee. She is also past president of the Junior League of Minneapolis. 


  • She ran global field marketing for the consulting business within a $3B company

  • She is the Grand Dame of Good Grammar

  • Her favorite movie is Clueless

  • Her favorite Real Housewives franchise is New York

  • She's commissioned five portraits (at least) of her dogs

Maddie Greene

Digital Marketing Director


Maddie has nearly 10 years of experience in digital marketing, public relations and brand storytelling.


Her diverse experience ranging from college athletic departments to small startups has given her the opportunity to expand her knowledge of digital marketing in this ever-evolving field. Her ability to connect brands to consumers through storytelling and her passion for doing good has always been a guiding force in her career path. Her broad experience includes social and digital marketing, event management, public relations, client relations, email marketing, and more. 


Maddie’s most valuable talents are:

  • her ability to cultivate community through social and digital campaigns

  • her knack for client and brand storytelling

  • her eagerness to evolve with the ever-changing technology and expand her knowledge of current digital trends

Maddie’s primary areas of expertise are:

  • Digital Marketing

  • Content creation and design

  • Web design with e-commerce capabilities

  • Digital ad design, placement, and measurement

  • Strategic social planning, community management, and measurement

Other useful info about Maddie:

  • She worked in college athletic communications for four years at both Macalester College and the University of Minnesota

  • She is a proud alumna of Minnesota State University, Mankato where she focused her studies on Mass Media and Gender and Women's Studies

  • She loves to read and is in the midst of a reading challenge to read at least 52 books in a calendar year

  • She is a life-long Vikings fan and schedules her weekends during the season around when they play

  • Her favorite movie is The Holiday

  • Her favorite Real Housewives franchise is New York

  • She is a passionate Taylor Swift fan… seriously, she knows every word of every song

Kyrstin Schuette

Advocacy Director


Kyrstin is among the most highly regarded experts in developing and implementing community engagement plans that empower people to make a difference.


Kyrstin directed community outreach and engagement programs for some of the most high-profile and successful advocacy campaigns in the state of Minnesota, including the Vote No campaign to defeat the MN Marriage Amendment and the DFL’s 2018 Coordinated Campaign. 


Kyrstin’s most valuable talents are:

  • her ability to cultivate grassroots passion into mobilized political power

  • her skills in creating, training, and managing teams toward accomplishing established goals and objectives

  • her infectious can-do attitude combined with her engaging interpersonal skills


Kyrstin’s primary areas of expertise are:

  • Development & implementation of targeted community engagement plans

  • Cultivation of strategic relationships and networks

  • Team building, training & management

  • Development of training materials and programs

  • Performance-based tracking and evaluation of programmatic progress & outcomes


Other useful info about Kyrstin:

  • She has worked as an organizing director, field director, and political director for unions, NGOs, and local, state, and federal campaigns

  • She was the training director responsible for the nation's top performing political field team, which completed over 2 million voter contact attempts in less than 11 months

  • She has been active in LGBTQ advocacy efforts for many years

  • Her favorite movie is Moulin Rouge

  • She does not watch Real Housewives which almost disqualified her from working at Apparatus

  • She's a llama fanatic

Destiny Muñoz- Semple

Advocacy Specialist


Destiny was born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts but grew up in the Twin Cities and thinks of herself as a champion for the great state of Minnesota. She discovered her passion for politics at the age of 14 as a volunteer for Mark Dayton's run for Minnesota State Governor. After graduating from high school she was awarded a merit scholarship at the largest private women's university in the nation, St. Catherine in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and pursued a double major in Political Science and International Relations. While enrolled in school, she served as an intern for Senator Amy Klobuchar at her U.S. Senate office. She stayed involved in politics throughout her college career as a leader in student political groups, working on various campaigns in Minnesota and for NGO's in Spain and The Netherlands. Destiny graduated summa cum laude and was then employed as the Civic Engagement Organizer for the nation's leading sexual and reproductive health care provider and advocate, where she gained valuable project management and communications experience. With a very diverse background and areas of expertise, Destiny brings a unique depth and breadth of experience and knowledge to her role.


Destiny’s most valuable talents are:

  • her ability in creative multitasking allows her to push the envelope for not only herself but also helps her to push others around her to achieve new levels of excellence in every endeavor

  • her goal is always to find a solution that is both useful and beautiful 

  • her knack for developing relationships and story-telling shines through her work

  • her passion for social justice shows with her experience in grassroots work and expertise


Destiny’s primary areas of expertise are:

  • Civic Engagement

  • Strategic Relationships and Networks

  • Project Growth and Development

  • Public Relations/Social Media

  • Public Speaking


Other useful info about Destiny:

  • She has worked as an organizer, creative project manager, policy advisor, and staffer for: NGOs and campaigns here in the United States and abroad

  • She speaks five languages that include: English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese 

  • She has been active in BIPOC advocacy efforts for many years with a strong focus on the Latinx community

  • She enjoys traveling all around the globe and has been to over 30 countries

  • She has a passion for creating and can likely be found in her kitchen creating a decadent meal for family and friends 

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